Young European Entrepreneurs E-Learning Suite

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What is the aim of YENTELS

The main purpose of the YENTELS project is offer young people throughout Europe educational programmes that stimulate innovative ideas and drive and prepare them for starting their own companies.  We will do so by developing a simulation/computer gaming based e-learning suite of training materials which will assist them in acquiring the entrepreneurial skills necessary to set up & run their own businesses. The project will particularly focus on young people who have chosen not to follow the traditional higher education route and are more suited to following a vocational career.

The YENTELS partnership includes two e-leaning technology specialists, one college & two SME Intermediary organisations covering four European Union States. The initial two-years’ of the project have been funded by the Leonardo Programme during which time the project partners will seek to develop a suite of e-learning training materials/tools & a computer based “Entrepreneurship” Business Game and to validate the suitability of the YENTELS approach for as many European countries and sectors as possible.

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The YENTELS online training course and the associated YENTELS game have been translated and customised for testing in four partner countries from very distinct areas of Europe – UK, Spain, Sweden & Bulgaria – in order to determine its wider European relevance.

The YENTELS partners also plan to promote the project outputs more widely within the rest of Europe and explore opportunities for further developing the outputs to be relevant to as many young people in Europe as possible.

Technical developments

The YENTELS project involves developing state-of-the-art features (e.g. animated simulations, computer gaming and e-learning) on technology platforms which will allow the end “product” to be relatively easily “tailored” by non-technical partners to cater for a variety of linguistic, cultural and sectoral requirements. This will involve the technical project partners in a considerable amount of “back-end” development that we believe will have wider applicability offering the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a wide range of different sectors, languages, countries/regions and topics.

The project website and associated training materials has been developed by Bulgarian partner Virtech. They have used the CAKE development platform in order to make the translation and amendment/contextualisation of YENTELS materials as straightforward as possible so that new and existing project partners can make changes to the YENTELS website and materials without requiring the technical assistance of Virtech.

UK technical partner, PixeLearning, have also enhanced their proprietary games development platform in a manner which makes the translation, amendment and contextualisation of the YENTELS game straightforward and speedy for both new and existing project partners.

For Partner information: see "Contacts" Section of our Project Website