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What are the key agencies in the UK for young people who want business training?

The key agencies providing information about education, training and employment schemes are:

        Your local Connexions Partnership (

         Your local Further education college;,

         And your local Careers service.

Any of these can give you a good idea of the range of opportunities available to you.

Training and advice is also available through a range of other organisations as well as through websites such as YENTELS (, business link (  and the Prince’s Trust ( – or see the YENTELS UK LINKS page for links to other relevant websites.

What sort of training will I need to run my own business?

A good start would be to try the YENTELS Game so you can begin to appreciate the sort of skills needed. You could also work through the YENTELS online course which provides a good introduction to the various key business skills needed by new entrepreneurs.

You could also use the Business Link interactive “personal development plan” tool ( which has been designed to help company owners and managers assess their management and leadership skill needs.  

If you think that you might need to brush up on your basic maths or English skills you could try contacting the Get On campaign (  and sign up for a free course. Call 0800 66 0800 to get more information and find out where your nearest free maths or English course is. Get On courses have been developed to be flexible for learners, with classes being held both in the evenings and during the day at a number of different venues in the community, including colleges. You’ll be joining thousands of people across the country who have already transformed their work and home lives.


Where can I find one-to-one advice or an online training directory on relevant business courses?

Check out the courses mentioned on the Learndirect “Information for Businesses” webpage (  or look at the British Chambers of Commerce Skills & Services webpage ( which can direct you to local Chambers of Commerce who offer training as well as provide links to a range of other training organisations and government initiatives.

You could also try contacting the Careers Advice Service who offer an impartial, careers advice and guidance service for adults. The Careers Advice Service is now closely linked with the “Our future. It’s in our hands” Skills Campaign and can be accessed via telephone on 0800 100 900 or through the website at


Are there any free or subsidizedcourse for people like me? If not what are the costs involved?

The cost of courses varies enormously and it is easy to be put off training by the perceived costs. However, good and relevant training is crucial to helping you set up your business and you might qualify for free or subsidized courses.  Find out more about subsidized training courses at the Try Train to Gain website ( or contact your local Careers Advice Service on 0800 100 900.



What is the Train to Gain scheme?


Train to Gain is a new initiative which offers businesses such as yours the training advice and support you need to succeed. The Learning and Skills Council’s Train to Gain service provides impartial, independent advice on training to businesses across England. It can help businesses improve their productivity and competitiveness by ensuring that employees have the right skills to do the best job. Eligible employers can also potentially access training support of up to £1,500.


Train to Gain works to further the skills of all kinds of people, including

        contracted employees (full and part-time)

       self-employed people


        employment agency workers


Train to Gain gives you access to a skills broker who will carry out a needs analysis of training within your business and help you assess what skills your business has now and what you will need in the future. Find out how Train to Gain can benefit your business, by calling them on: 0800 015 55 45 or visit by visiting